Commissioner Awards

Arrowhead Honor

Uniform Left Shirt Sleeve with Arrowhead Honor

College of Commissioner Science Degrees

Commissioner's Key

Commissioner's Key

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

Distinguished Commissioner Service Knot

Seal from DCS Bolo Tie

Purpose: To upgrade commissioner service and to recognize Commissioners and Exploring service team members who are providing quality service.


1. Complete training as outlined by the local council, including earning the Scouter's Key for Commissioners.

2. Serve as an active commissioner or an active Exploring service team member for 5 consecutive years and be currently registered with the Boy Scouts of America.

3. Recharter at least 90 percent of the units in your area of service for a minimum of the past 2 consecutive years. this applies to council commissioners, assistant council commissioners, district commissioners, assistant district commissioners, unit commissioners, council Exploring service team chairpersons, division/district/cluster Exploring service team chairpersons, and Exploring service team members.

4. Assist units so that more than 50 percent achieve National Quality Unit Award in your area of service for a minimum of the past 2 consecutive years.

5. Roundtable/huddle commissioner recognition is based on completing requirements No. 1 and No. 2 listed above, plus the following. In place of items No. 3 and No. 4, roundtable/huddle commissioners are to conduct at least nine roundtables/huddles per year for the past 2 consecutive years.


1. The following recognition items are available from the Supply Division:

  • Distinguished Commissioner Service Award Plaque
  • Distinguished Commissioner Service Bolo Tie

The title on both commissioner recognitions will read, "Distinguished Commissioner. The plaque is approximately 5 x 7 inches. The medallion is cast in three colors:

  • Council Commissioner -- silver
  • District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, and Roundtable Commissioners -- gold
  • Unit Commissioner -- bronze

The title on both Exploring recognitions will read "Distinguished Service Team.

  • Distinguished Explorer Service Team members -- silver

An embroidered square knot (silver knot on red background, may also be presented.

2. Local councils certify the eligibility of individuals, and present the recognition. (There is no national application.)

District Award of Merit

District Award of Merit

Silver Beaver

Silver Beaver Knot

Silver Beaver Ribbion and Pendant

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